Identify the Problem: Overview

Solving a personal or interpersonal problem starts with understanding it fully. You have to be your own investigative reporter. This means you must learn to separate the facts from presumptions. When you do this, you may find that your problem is different than you first thought. This process involves identifying what is bothering you and why, when and where it happens, and the complex communication elements you may be overlooking. The more that you understand the problems you are facing, the better prepared you will be in developing a strategy to address them.

Understand Yourself

How much do you know yourself? An essential part of problem solving is identifying how your thinking and feeling styles and your unique preferences influence your reactions to the situation.

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Understand the Context

Understanding the context refers to recognizing the “non-you” parts of the problem. These include the environment in which a situation occurs, the types of issues that many women experience, and the people who are in the picture.

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Communication Elements

Understanding communication involves realizing the multiple elements that affect an interpersonal exchange. There is more to a message than what you say; you must also consider the context, the other person, possible gender issues, and your intention.

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