Coming Full Circle

Lynda B. Williams, PhD: Coming Full Circle

The process of overcoming setbacks related to career options and personal relationships.

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Transcript: Coming Full Circle

Well okay that's a little more complicated. I came back. I had a job. I asked them, "What do you get for getting a PhD?" and they said, "Well you can be a faculty research associate instead of assistant," which meant I got nothing but a change in title. At that time, because of my husband's head injury and problems we were having at home, we split up. He was not getting any counseling for his head injury, and it was very difficult to live with him. So I then got a job offer as an associate professor at SUNY Buffalo. The problem I was facing is that, well number one it was SUNY Buffalo, and I've been acclimated to a warm climate for 12 years at the time. Number two, my children are both here, and my son was in high school, and I really didn't want to leave him, and I knew he wouldn't come with me.

So I went back to ASU and said, "I have a job offer. Is there anyway I could be considered for a job here?" They said, "Well we'll give you a research professor position with three years of half-time funding, and after that you're back to on your own." So, that's where we are. I didn't want to take that position, but that was a place where I had to make a choice for my family. I'm glad I did because in staying here, my husband and I just got remarried last night.

Yeah it was good. He got counseling and help with his head injury which he has, and will for the rest of his life, and we will have to live with. Just having that time and sticking it out, we've overcome the hell that we walked through and we came out the other side okay. And other people can if they're facing similar bad situations.


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