Compromises Outside the Realm of Children

Sally Mason, PhD: Compromises Outside the Realm of Children

Addresses personal relationship sacrifices.

Dr. Sally Mason's Bio

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Fun, Passion, and Collaboration
Emphasizes the joy in working with others and giving back to society.

The Transformation to Faculty
Highlights the gendered assumptions encountered as a faculty member.

Stories of Support: From Deans to Children
Reminder that support can be found in unexpected places.

Incidents of Prejudice Due to Married and Pregnant Status
Gender stereotypes faced in getting into graduate school and conducting research.

Freeing Oneself from a Traditional Model as a Lifestyle Choice
How to accept non-traditional relationships and lifestyles in academia.

Two Different Worlds: School Without Kids and Working with Kids
Being married in graduate school and having children as a faculty member.

Comments on Commuter Marriage
Notes the challenges of a dual career marriage and the obstacles in fighting for tenure and balancing a relationship.

Words of Advice for Students
The importance of supportive peer relationships.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Barton
The importance of knowing what you want and expecting tradeoffs on the path to get it.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Fromme
The importance of defining clear goals, remaining self-confident, and learning to say no.




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