Creating Cohesion with Colleagues

Cecilia Lunardini, PhD: Creating Cohesion with Colleagues

Highlights an experience in which peers were not only colleagues, but also friends.

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Transcript: Creating Cohesion with Colleagues

My peers in graduate school were not only colleagues but they were also friends. I think that might be a bit different with respect to the climate here in the United States. I think that where I started, people don't really make much different between colleagues, friends or-it's just one type of relationship. I remember going out for movies with my fellow students and going out for dinner. We socialized a lot with each other, and this for me was a very good element because it helped to create a really cohesive and collaborative and just friendly environment.

Sometimes I have the feeling that here people distinguish a lot between coworkers and everybody else. There is the unwritten rule that you don't get too close to your coworkers. You kind of keep your distance. Perhaps because there is a lot more competition here and so you have to kind of watch your back. I didn't experience any of that when I was in graduate school.


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