Fun, Passion, and Collaboration

Sally Mason, PhD: Fun, Passion, and Collaboration

Emphasizes the joy in working with others and giving back to society.

Dr. Sally Mason's Bio

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More Videos by Dr. Sally Mason

Compromises Outside the Realm of Children
Addresses personal relationship sacrifices.

The Transformation to Faculty
Highlights the gendered assumptions encountered as a faculty member.

Stories of Support: From Deans to Children
Reminder that support can be found in unexpected places.

You Can Do Both: Balancing School and Family
The feasibility of pursuing a family and science.

Working with Intelligent People Across Cultures Makes It All Worth While
Satisfaction comes from interacting with intelligent people across cultures.

Leisure Activities: Dr. Anderson Rowland
Ways to spend leisure time.

Realistic Balance of Resources: An Analogy
The importance of understanding priorities and allocating resources accordingly.

The Importance of Having Positive Working Relationships: A Case Study
The importance of good working relationships and when it's worth putting forth effort.

Other Students Helping in the Transition
How colleagues can assist in making the transition into graduate life easier by sharing information an advisor may not.

The Joy of Making an Impact
Explains an interdisciplinary branch of physics and the passion for research, service, and teaching.




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