I Get By with a Little Help from My Mother in Law

Su Lin, PhD: I Get By with a Little Help from My Mother in Law

The importance of a supportive extended family in helping to balance school and children.

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Transcript: I Get By with a Little Help from My Mother in Law

Okay in my situation, it was relatively simple because I have my child at the last year, and my mother-in-law came here to help me. But still, even have to go out—at that time we didn't have a personal computer at home, so to write my thesis I have to go to office. Every evening, I watched my child. She was so cute like a baby. I didn't want to leave because even the idea to go to write this thesis. So I say, okay after I graduate I will never come out. I go for evenings, I'll stay with my baby. Yeah that's the thing. No I still feel it's difficult because I have two daughters. The both of them are very athletic and also they learn music. There are a lot of activities they want—like the teens, they want to join. First I have to say, even now, they know that. They say, "Okay it's during the work hour." If they cannot find a ride, transportation from their friends' parents, they have to give up. Yeah sometimes I feel bad, but I just do as much as I can. I went to their activities in the evenings and the weekend to do that. There were hard times like around 5:00-5:30, even I was in the middle of experiment, I was almost finished but I had to switch out the equipment and run. I have been living like this kind of style for more than 15 years, I should say. So you have to make some compromise. Yeah.


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