Leisure Activities: The Art of Doing Nothing

Cecilia Lunardini, PhD: Leisure Activities: The Art of Doing Nothing

Advises how to keep family informed about research goals and progression from student to faculty member.

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Transcript: Leisure Activities: The Art of Doing Nothing

The relationship with my family has always been very important for me. By family, I mean my parents, sister and close relatives. They are all back in Italy, and their support for me is very important, and they try to support me as much as they can. It's interesting to see how the support works, because there is barrier. The barrier is that I work in academia. I am a scientist, and this is definitely not mainstream. It's something that in my family is unusual, uncommon. It's not something that people can easily relate to, and so sometimes I had, in the past, I had the feeling that my work and my challenges and my efforts were not really understood.

So what I am doing now is to take a more conscious effort to somehow advertise myself with my family pretty much the way I would advertise myself with the chair of my department. I need to promote myself with my family members so I send the newspaper articles that talk about me or about my work. I send them online resources with that or it can be easy to read for a known expert. I think they really appreciate this, and it makes it easy for them to relate to what I do. This is improving our relationship for sure.


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