One Option: Take Time Off and Come Back

Aditi Chattopadhyay, PhD: One Option: Take Time Off and Come Back

Advises graduate students to take a semester off if they choose to have a child because it is too challenging to handle a baby and research.

Dr. Aditi Chattopadhyay's Bio

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Stubbornness and Tenacity
Highlights the obstacles faced when trying to have research reviewed by the advisor and emphasizes the steps necessary to make adequate progress in the program.

Comments on Commuter Marriage
Notes the challenges of a dual career marriage and the obstacles in fighting for tenure and balancing a relationship.

Working with Students
Working with graduate students is a rewarding aspect of being a faculty member.

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Chattopadhyay
Advice for graduate students on how to maintain their confidence, courage, and dignity.

Gaining Strength from Adversity
Underscores the challenges that come from being the only woman in an academic department and gives suggestions on how to gain confidence and be assertive in these situations.

Changing the System vs. Focusing on Cultural Barriers for Women
Suggestions for how to increase women's participation in science with an emphasis on policy change.

Freeing Oneself from a Traditional Model as a Lifestyle Choice
How to accept non-traditional relationships and lifestyles in academia.

Bringing the Child Along
How to balance motherhood responsibilities in graduate school.

Perspective on Being a Single Woman
Explains some of the setbacks in dating relationships.

Negotiation in Preparation for Children
How a supportive department and a modified teaching schedule allowed for maternity leave.

Adoption as an Option
The decision to adopt a child after graduate school.

Stories of Support: From Deans to Children
Reminder that support can be found in unexpected places.

Incidents of Prejudice Due to Married and Pregnant Status
Gender stereotypes faced in getting into graduate school and conducting research.




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