Options for Support

Sue Rosser, PhD: Options for Support

Urges students to seek multiple campus resources for support.

Dr. Sue Rosser's Bio

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Pros and Cons of an International Advisor
Experiences with an international advisor.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Rosser
The importance of remaining passionate and remembering that the PhD opens doors.

Time Management Profile
Outlines a philosophy on time management.

The Upside to Children Prior to a Tenure Track Position
Explains the choice to have children in graduate school.

The Role of the Dean in Fostering Progress at the Institutional Level
The importance of a good leader in setting standards for diversity, climate, and tenure policies.

Stories of Support: From Deans to Children
Reminder that support can be found in unexpected places.

Pursuing Different Threads in Career Positions
Contributions to the field are reflected through choices.

Lack of Women Role Models
The importance of sharing stories of sexual harassment with others and realizing that you are not alone.

Incidents of Prejudice Due to Married and Pregnant Status
Gender stereotypes faced in getting into graduate school and conducting research.

Special Characteristics of Your Advisor and Struggling with Life Balance Issues
Advisor's experiences encourage well-informed career decisions.

We're Having a Baby
Challenges in confronting the advisor with news of pregnancy.

The Plight of the Older Student: Playing "Mom" and Other Tasks
How to maintain good relationships with colleagues while being motivated to finish the program quickly.

Separate Advisors and Mentors
The importance of having a variety of mentors throughout your graduate experience.

Advisor Issues
How a positive advisor challenged his students to think for themselves.

Persuading an Advisor
Suggestions for defining research.

Key Elements in Good Advising
The importance of being open and honest with your advisor.

Pros and Cons of an International Advisor
Experiences with an international advisor.




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