Process of a Day

Jennie Si, PhD: Process of a Day

Explains that satisfaction comes from working with students and the opportunity to make new discoveries.

Dr. Jennie Si's Bio

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Negotiation in Preparation for Children
How a supportive department and a modified teaching schedule allowed for maternity leave.

Experience as an International Grad Student
Challenges of being international and female, particularly with regards to an academic career and the choice to have children.

To Post-Doc or Not to Post-Doc
When it's time to graduate and when it's important to start learning on the job.

Thwarting Thoughts of Quitting
The importance of goal setting and using others' experiences to make strong choices about your own path.

Time in the Classroom is at the Heart of Motivation
Teaching as the impetus for work.

Creating Cohesion with Colleagues
Highlights an experience in which peers were not only colleagues, but also friends.

The Opportunity to be a Jack of All Trades
The opportunity for freedom, growth, and collaboration as a faculty member.

Is the Effort Worth the Outcome?
Explains when to confront a problem and when it may be better to maneuver around it.

We Were Not Always Best Friends
Emphasizes peer relationships and departmental climate.

Becoming an Independent Voice as a Young Faculty Member
The process of establishing yourself in the same department as your spouse.

Pursuing Different Threads in Career Positions
Contributions to the field are reflected through choices.

Creating an Environment for Exchanging Ideas
How the physical space in a laboratory allowed for collaboration among colleagues.




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