Satisfaction through Accomplishment

Su Lin, PhD: Satisfaction through Accomplishment

Doing something useful to make a difference and how to appreciate a happy, supportive work environment.

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Transcript: Satisfaction through Accomplishment

Okay. Is accomplishment because I want to have a good career and also my family, a happy family. I want to do something which is not necessarily big, but I want to do something useful and also interesting. That will satisfy myself and also gain respect from others. Maybe I should tell you a little bit about my job. I'm a research facility manager. I develop and design and maintain research facility with the lasers and spectroscopic equipment. As a researcher, I also do—I also study the energy and electron transfer in biological and chemical systems. Both of these are technically challenging, and scientifically is just a fit—help my curiosity. My job fit me very well because I want to do both. For my job, if I can see things other people cannot see because the chemical reaction happen on very short time scales, so I can use my ultra fast laser to see it. In my facility, I also have a microscope so I can see things at a single molecule level. That's just something fantastic. For the large picture, our study is try to understand the photosynthetic processes in the nature systems and that helps us to answer question how does nature utilize the solar energy to do things and that we can apply these to help solve our energy problems. In the big picture, it also helps. For my work, if I look back, I can see the things for the facility when I started, I had two systems, now I have six of them, and it's still growing. We have if I roughly estimate, there are more than 100 users utilize the facility to do their research. Other things like over the past 16 years, we publish more than 100 papers. That's another big accomplishment, and for the paper, people cited your work and invited you to go to conferences and you can travel all over the world. That's another exciting thing. Another important thing is I have a very happy working environment. My colleagues are very supportive, and I like to deal with the graduate student, post-docs because they bring in the new ideas and fresh working style and a fresh knowledge. That's everything put together, just makes me feel self-satisfactory and also I like the respect by others.


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