Sources of Support

Mary Anderson-Rowland, PhD: Sources of Support

The importance of a supportive network of colleagues.

Dr. Anderson-Rowland's Bio

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Words of Wisdom: Dr. Anderson-Rowland
The importance of finding a good advisor and making sure to get everything in writing.

Hearing from Students and Having an Impact
The importance of giving back to students and making an impact in their future education and career choices.

Words of Advice for Students
The importance of supportive peer relationships.

Two Different Worlds: School Without Kids and Working with Kids
Being married in graduate school and having children as a faculty member.

The Two-Body Problem
Challenges with being married to a fellow academician and finding faculty positions.

The Commuter Marriage
How to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Looking Back on Raising Kids While Working
Explains the role children play in career choices.

Leisure Activities: Dr. Anderson Rowland
Ways to spend leisure time.

Getting Married During Graduate School
The decision to get married in graduate school.

Doing More Than I Could Have Imagined
Chronicles the evolution of a career over time.

Sharing News of Pregnancy with Advisors
Departmental reactions to the choice to have children.

Seeking Support Outside the Department
How to refute sexist comments and challenge gendered assumptions.

Help and Support from Other Administrators
How to seek support from administrators outside the department when dealing with departmental sexism.

Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
Class performance builds confidence to remain in program.

Climate in Graduate School
How to make friends with colleagues to encourage a supportive environment.

Being Comfortable as a Woman Among Men
Emphasizes positive peer relationships within her cohort.

Best Laid Plans
How to negotiate a schedule for raising a family and overcoming setbacks in a new career.

Bringing the Child Along
How to balance motherhood responsibilities in graduate school.

A Virtual Support System (Long Distance)
The importance of nurturing relationships outside of academia.

Special Characteristics of Your Advisor and Struggling with Life Balance Issues
Advisor's experiences encourage well-informed career decisions.

Perspective on Being a Single Woman
Explains some of the setbacks in dating relationships.

The Importance of Sharing Stories
The importance of hearing other people's stories.

Making the Decision Later in Life
How to sustain taking time off and pursuing the PhD later in life.

The Upside to Children Prior to a Tenure Track Position
Explains the choice to have children in graduate school.

You Can Do Both: Balancing School and Family
The feasibility of pursuing a family and science.


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