The Good, the Bad, the "Only"

Jean Andino, PhD: The Good, the Bad, the "Only"

The Good, the Bad, the "Only"

Dr. Jean Andino's Bio

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More Videos by Dr. Jean Andino

Perspective on Being a Single Woman
Explains some of the setbacks in dating relationships.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Andino
Advice for students: stay focused, ask questions, and remain open-minded when working with others.

An Example of How to Negotiate (Part 2)
Strategies for negotiating as a faculty member.

Practical Satisfaction
Motivation for doing work: interacting with students and doing research that can make a difference in the world.

Stress from Conflict in a Dating Relationship
Elaborates on a dating situation.

On Speaking Up: A Conference Experience
Confronting a male colleague with contradictory findings at a conference.

Gender Bias in the US
The first realization that being a woman in science was outside the norm.

Hidden Differences in Academic Culture (Extended)
Environmental issues faced in academia.

Standing Out as a Woman
An alternative way to approach being the only woman in a given situation.

How to Have Sexual Harassment Policies
How to be upfront, direct, and assertive when confronting instances of sexual harassment.

Being "Queen" of the Team
Playing a variety of roles as the only woman in the department.

Becoming an Independent Voice as a Young Faculty Member
The process of establishing yourself in the same department as your spouse.

Dealing with Inappropriate Events
Suggestions for how to deal with sexist comments.

The Residual Effects of Sexual Harassment
How to survive the aftermath of a sexual harassment incident.




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