The Thrill of Discovery

Linda Powers, PhD: The Thrill of Discovery

Shares the excitement that comes from collaborating with others to make new discoveries.

Dr. Linda Powers's Bio

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More Videos by Dr. Linda Powers

Is the Effort Worth the Outcome?
Explains when to confront a problem and when it may be better to maneuver around it.

Distinguishing Customs and Roles in International Relations (Part 1)
Highlights the universal customs of science.

Distinguishing Customs and Roles in International Relations (Part 2)
Elaborates on the standard practice of science despite cultural differences.

Take-Home Words: Dr. Powers
Advice on how to seek out support in graduate school and how to bounce back from setbacks.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Powers
The importance of learning from mistakes and persisting despite setbacks.

Gaining Strength from Adversity
Underscores the challenges that come from being the only woman in an academic department and gives suggestions on how to gain confidence and be assertive in these situations.

It's the Little Things that Annoy You (Part 1)
The importance of picking your battles to avoid unfair labeling.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Levitus
Urges students not to get wrapped into issues that do not directly involve them.

Being "Queen" of the Team
Playing a variety of roles as the only woman in the department.

Observations on Women's Safety (Part 1)
Discusses necessary precautions to take as a female student working late nights on campus.

Ways to Cope with Minor Issues Related to Being a Woman
How to observe others' reactions to subtle comments in order to gauge an appropriate response.

The Opportunity to be a Jack of All Trades
The opportunity for freedom, growth, and collaboration as a faculty member.

The Residual Effects of Sexual Harassment
How to survive the aftermath of a sexual harassment incident.




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