Thwarting Thoughts of Quitting

Jennie Si, PhD: Thwarting Thoughts of Quitting

The importance of goal setting and using others' experiences to make strong choices about your own path.

Dr. Jennie Si's Bio

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Negotiation in Preparation for Children
How a supportive department and a modified teaching schedule allowed for maternity leave.

Experience as an International Grad Student
Challenges of being international and female, particularly with regards to an academic career and the choice to have children.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Si
The importance of learning over time and remaining positive in the face of criticism.

To Post-Doc or Not to Post-Doc
When it's time to graduate and when it's important to start learning on the job.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Anderson-Rowland
The importance of finding a good advisor and making sure to get everything in writing.

The Two-Body Problem
Challenges with being married to a fellow academician and finding faculty positions.

Getting Married During Graduate School
The decision to get married in graduate school.

Being Comfortable as a Woman Among Men
Emphasizes positive peer relationships within her cohort.

Best Laid Plans
How to negotiate a schedule for raising a family and overcoming setbacks in a new career.

Sources of Support
The importance of a supportive network of colleagues.

Seeking Support Outside the Department
How to refute sexist comments and challenge gendered assumptions.

Help and Support from Other Administrators
How to seek support from administrators outside the department when dealing with departmental sexism.




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