Words of Wisdom: Dr. Andino

Jean Andino, PhD: Words of Wisdom: Dr. Andino

Advice for students: stay focused, ask questions, and remain open-minded when working with others.

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Perspective on Being a Single Woman
Explains some of the setbacks in dating relationships.

The Good, the Bad, the "Only"
The pros and cons of being the only woman in a department and the importance of setting boundaries and knowing your own limitations.

An Example of How to Negotiate (Part 2)
Strategies for negotiating as a faculty member.

Practical Satisfaction
Motivation for doing work: interacting with students and doing research that can make a difference in the world.

Stress from Conflict in a Dating Relationship
Elaborates on a dating situation.

Interpersonal Satisfaction
The satisfaction that comes from working with colleagues and interacting with others.

It's the Little Things that Annoy You (Part 2)
Captures the small but noticeable annoyances that come with being the only woman.

How Do You Build Resiliency?
The importance of having a number of things in your life that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Ways to Cope with Minor Issues Related to Being a Woman
How to observe others' reactions to subtle comments in order to gauge an appropriate response.

The Importance of Having Positive Working Relationships: A Case Study
The importance of good working relationships and when it's worth putting forth effort.

Stress from Conflict in a Dating Relationship
Elaborates on a dating situation.




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