Words of Wisdom: Dr. Wadhwa

Meenakshi Wadhwa, PhD: Words of Wisdom: Dr. Wadhwa

The importance of first impressions in choosing a graduate program.

Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa's Bio

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Special Characteristics of Your Advisor and Struggling with Life Balance Issues
Advisor's experiences encourage well-informed career decisions.

International Graduate Experience
Appreciation for advisor's assistance in transitioning to the US.

Other Students Helping in the Transition
How colleagues can assist in making the transition into graduate life easier by sharing information an advisor may not.

Every Day is Different
Captures the versatility of an academic position.

Creating an Environment for Exchanging Ideas
How the physical space in a laboratory allowed for collaboration among colleagues.

The Stress of the Last Year
Advice for balancing research and fun in graduate school.

Keep Looking for Faculty Support
The importance of finding the right advisor to support your research goals.

How to Have Sexual Harassment Policies
How to be upfront, direct, and assertive when confronting instances of sexual harassment.

Working with Students
Working with graduate students is a rewarding aspect of being a faculty member.

Working with Intelligent People Across Cultures Makes It All Worth While
Satisfaction comes from interacting with intelligent people across cultures.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Levitus
Urges students not to get wrapped into issues that do not directly involve them.

Awkward Social Interactions
The challenges of working in male-dominated academic environments and the negative stereotypes associated with women who have children.

The Transformation to Faculty
Highlights the gendered assumptions encountered as a faculty member.

Hidden Differences in Academic Culture
Adjusting physical appearance to fit in with peers.




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