Words of Wisdom: Dr. Wiliams

Lynda B. Williams, PhD: Words of Wisdom: Dr. Wiliams

Advises students to continue to pursue their education because the payoff is self-respect.

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Transcript: Words of Wisdom: Dr. Wiliams

Yes. Work hard. That was always my motto. It is worth working hard in academics, because of the payback. The payback, I think is achieving self respect. I mean everybody-a lot of people think that it's all about professors; they want to be the center of attention. They want the whole world to know how good they are. To me, that's not it. It is really-I am my biggest critic, and as you grow in your career you develop a self respect. That's really worth it. That's the whole reason that I have a PhD and enjoy my life now is the reward of the self respect, and that you have to find pleasure in your profession.

If you don't find pleasure, do something else. There's lot you can do with a PhD besides academia. You're not confined to an ivory tower. You should go find happiness; which is easier said than done, but that's still-


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