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Learning Objectives

  • Learn to find online professional networking organizations.
  • Learn to identify online resources for women in science and engineering or in specific disciplines.

General Resources for STEM Women

Websites such as those listed below offer unique opportunities for students to connect with mentors and professional societies the world over. They expand the range of opportunities from outside of one’s home department and take networking to a new level that was not available just a decade ago.

MentorNet is an international network of mentors/mentees for women and other underrepresented individuals in the fields of science and engineering. It provides one-on-one connections between women graduate students, early career professionals, and seasoned professionals across the country. Matches are made based on demographic preferences, and the network boasts a high satisfaction and success rate. If your institution is a member of MentorNet, you will be able to request a personal mentor at no charge. A list of participating colleges and universities is available on their site, as well as information you can send to your administrators if your school is not yet a MentorNet partner.

Association for Women in Science
Through AWIS, you will find resources for career development, coaching and mentoring, and other useful links. AWIS accepts tax-deductible donations to keep its programs running. Connect to others by joining and contacting your local chapter. (There are currently 51 chapters of AWIS nationwide.)

Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine (CWSEM)
CWSEM works to increase participation of women in science, engineering and medical settings by actively disseminating information, reviewing policies, and holding workshops for women in these fields. Information from CWSEM is published and accessible at no charge, and does not require a membership.

Science Careers
Published by the prestigious journal Science, this site provides free access to thousands of articles, career development resources, job listings and resume postings, as well as information on meetings and events related to careers in the sciences.

Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education (CASEE)
CASEE was created by the National Academy of Engineering to improve engineering education, promote excellence in engineering research, and encourage diversity within the field. CASEE offers individual and community research affiliates programs, hosts various workshops, and produces paper and online newsletters, among other activities.

Thus Spake Zuska
This blog, authored by Zuska (the “Goddess of Science, Empress of Engineering, and Avenging Angel of Angry Women”) is geared for women in science and engineering with a sense of humor, providing a sense of connection—and perhaps commiseration!

Underrepresented Minorities

Latinas in Computing (LiC) Web Portal
Texas Instruments and MentorNet recently launched this site for Latinas in the computer science field. The portal is free and is available to Latina students and professionals who are MentorNet members, and provides specialized one-on-one mentoring and networking to other Latina professionals in the computer science field. See above for more information on MentorNet.

Minority Scientists Network (MiSciNet)
The result of a collaboration between the Science Careers site and the American Academy for the Advancement of Sciences, MiSciNet includes informational articles and resources for empowering minority students and professionals in the fields of science. The information on the site is free of charge.

Lesbians in Science (LIS)
LIS is an email listserv connecting lesbian scientists in an open dialogue, at no charge. The website includes instructions for signing on to the listserv, as well as information on other, similar listservs.


Society of Women Engineers
This non-profit organization provides career and other resources for women pursing a career in engineering. Examples of resources include job search engines, scholarships, and opportunities to blog online with other women.

IEEE - Women in Engineering

This webpage host information for the largest international organization of women in engineering. The organization publishes its own journal called "IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine". In order to join IEEE WIE, it is necessary to be a member of IEEE. Special rates for students are available.

WEPAN: Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network
This organization is a national not-for-profit organization whose objectives are to attract, retain and advance women in engineering. It currently has more than 600 members from engineering schools, industry and other non-profits. WEPAN members include women in engineering programs and staff, engineering deans, chairs and faculty, program coordinators, counselors and advisors, as well as anyone interested in promoting the role of women in engineering.

WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering)
Many different universities also host WiSE, a program aimed to improve the climate for women by providing resources, meetings, and support groups. Programs and resources vary according to university. Examples of universities with a WiSE program include:

  • ASU
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Brown University
  • University of Washington
  • University of Michigan
  • Duke University
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Washington
  • and many more!


Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists (COACh)
Hosted by the University of Oregon, COACh empowers women chemists by offering workshops, mentoring, and other partnerships. The information on the site is free and the workshops and events are useful for empowering women at every level of the field--undergraduate and graduate students as well as women in chemistry careers.


Association for Women in Mathematics
AWM offers travel grants, workshops, lecture series, mentoring, and monetary prizes to empower and reward women in math. Membership is available at a discounted rate for students, and includes a bimonthly newsletter. The AWM awards and informational lectures are tailored for women at all levels of their career in mathematics--undergraduate to seasoned faculty.


American Institute of Physics – Women in Physics
The AIP’s Women in Physics site provides statistical data and information for women in the field. While this is purely a descriptive report on women in the field, the AIP's main site offers job resources (position postings and a resume database), as well as outreach information for students, educators, and businesspeople. The site's resources are available at no cost.

Women in Physics
This organization is affiliated to the American Physical Society. The website includes links to several publications and reports all related to women in physics, as well as programs and scholarships available to advance the participation of women. There is the possibility to also enroll in the e-mail listserv to participate in the discussion of related topics.

Information Technology

National Center for Women and Information Technology
This center, founded in 2004, is a coalition of approximately 170 different organizations, universities, non-profits, and governmental agencies to promote and increase the percentage of women in Information Technology. NCWIT has an intensive outreach program that identifies how to best identify, recruit, retain and advance women´s careers in IT.

Nobel Laureates

Female Nobel Prize Laureates
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive site provides a comprehensive list of all female Nobel Prize winners. It also lists books and other materials of interest as well as links to organizations that encourage the role of women in science, engineering, technology and politics.

Leisure Activities: Dr. Anderson Rowland
Ways to spend leisure time.

Leisure Activities
Using leisure activities to relieve stress and build friendships.

Bringing the Child Along
How to balance motherhood responsibilities in graduate school.

Time Management Profile
Outlines a philosophy on time management.

I Have Not Figured Out How to Say "No"
Emphasizes the challenge with saying no, but the importance of learning to do so.

I Get By with a Little Help from My Mother in Law
The importance of a supportive extended family in helping to balance school and children.

Life is More than Research
The importance of evaluating your priorities to create balance and happiness.

Words of Wisdom: Dr. Burrows
The importance of allowing yourself the opportunity to change your mind and reconsider your goals.


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