Learn Skills: Overview

CareerWISE skill modules help you to understand yourself better, analyze your environment, and learn strategies to stay motivated, expand your personal supports, communicate your needs in a professional environment, and overcome any barriers you may encounter. The problem solving skills modules are intended to help you feel more confident about your ability to handle both everyday and tough problems as well as develop strategies to be successful, both personally and professionally. The Communication Skills modules provide comprehensive instruction in critical interpersonal communication skills: planning your message, active listening, expressing yourself clearly, receiving and responding to feedback, asserting yourself, negotiating, and handling conflict. Solidify your career success by practicing over 40 personal and interpersonal skills in modules developed specifically for you—a high achieving woman in science, engineering, or mathematics.

Communication Skills

The Communication Skill modules are designed to help you more effectively communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs in a professional environment. Mastering the fundamental communication skills can make a big difference in how your career evolves.

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Problem Solving Skills

Before you can decide upon a course of action, you need to recognize what you know how to do. You also have to determine what you need to learn in order to apply your identified strategies effectively. The goals of the CareerWISE Problem Solving Skills are designed to help you build resilience in order to stay focused and motivated, in spite of personal and professional challenges. Thus, the problem solving skills are designed to help you build resiliency, or “bounce-back-ability.”

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