Practice: Overview

Three interactive, multimedia simulations are available for you to practice what you are learning. Each simulation highlights a specific communication scenario and gives you several opportunities to decide how to respond. You will be provided with feedback and observe that what you choose influences how the relationship proceeds.

Active Listening

Bridget is beginning the writing process on a major paper and is requesting the assistance of her advisor. Watch and help as she interacts with him and attempts to understand his needs while getting the aid that she would like.

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Expressing Yourself

Rebecca’s advisor is leaving for a position at another university and Rebecca must decide whether to follow or remain at her current institution. She will need to balance her professional aspirations as a graduate student with those of her personal life with her partner. Watch and help as she finds an appropriate way to express her needs to balance work and her personal life in the decision-making process.

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Receiving and Responding to Feedback

Margaret has been developing a strong design for her dissertation. She believes her idea is promising and she is ready to discuss it with her advisor. Watch and help as she receives his feedback and must find the best ways to respond to it.

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