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If you’re a woman in a doctoral program in the sciences and engineering, you’ve already shown that you’re a star.  Now you want to make it to the finish line. The CareerWISE Academic Resilience Coach is your personal, expert, and confidential support resource to get you there.

The anytime online coach for graduate women in STEM

You know all about problem-solving in technical areas. Now learn to take on interpersonal and personal issues too. Depend on the CareerWISE Coach, where the best research in psychology and the social sciences is applied to the everyday situations women encounter in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) doctoral programs. Identify the Issue by reviewing common concerns and by better understanding yourself within the STEM context. Apply the CareerWISE Problem-Solving Method to deal with the bumps along the road. Learn to Communicate More Effectively even in challenging interactions. Watch HerStories to hear from STEM women who have been there. Enter the Coach through any of these pathways using the button below.

CareerWISE Academic Resilience Coach

What is the CareerWISE research program?

The CareerWISE research program encompasses a range of interdisciplinary research and development projects supported by the National Science Foundation.  The projects expand our understanding of the experiences of and potent forms of support for diverse women in STEM PhD programs and identify effective actions that faculty, administrators, and the women themselves can take to strengthen persistence toward degree completion 

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