The CareerWISE Academic Resilience Coach Development Team

Jennifer M. Bekki, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ira Fulton College of Engineering

Arizona State University

Principal Investigator, CWIII - ASU, 2018-2022, Co-PI,

CW II, 2009 - 2015

Kerrie G. Wilkins-Yel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Counseling Psychology

University Of Massachusetts-Boston

Principal Investigator, CW III-UMB

2018 - 2022

Ashley K. Randall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Counseling Psychology

Arizona State University

Co-Principal Investigator, CW III

2018 - 2022

Bianca L. Bernstein, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita

Counseling & Counseling Psychology

Arizona State University

CareerWISE Founder & Director, 2006 - 2021

Creator, CareerWISE Academic Resilience Coach

Principal Investigator, CW I, 2006 - 2010

Principal Investigator, CW II,  2009 - 2015

Co-Principal Investigator, CW III, 2018 - 2022


An ambitious project like the CareerWISE Coach could never come to fruition without the dedicated work and creativity of many people. We gratefully acknowledge the faculty, staff, graduate assistants, volunteers, Advisory Board members, interviewees, and others for their contributions. 

Faculty/Post-Docs (* Coach Content Leadership Team members)

Dr. Mary Anderson-Rowland* (co-PI, CW I); Dr. Robert Atkinson* (co-PI, CW II); Dr. Jennifer Bekki* (GRA, co-PI CW II, PI CW III), Dr. Bianca L. Bernstein* (PI, CWI &  CWII, co-PI, CWIII); Dr. Marilyn Cabay; Dr. Sam DiGangi; Dr. Karin Ellison*; Dr. La Verne Abe Harris; Dr. Caroline Harrison*; Dr. John Horan* (co-PI, CW I); Dr. Brian Nelson; Dr. Jacob Pinholster; Dr. Ashley Randall, Dr. Nancy Felipe Russo* (co-PI, CW I); Dr. Mary Lee Smith: Dr. Kerrie Wilkins-Yel* (GRA, PI, CWIII-UMB).

Graduate Research Assistants (*Coach Content Development and Revision)

Siddhartha Abburi, Amanda Arnold, Bahareh Azarnoush, Tyler Barratt*, Jennifer Bekki*, Jonathan Briseno, Jillian Childress, Erika Murguia Blumenkranz*, Kathryn Clark*, Amy Dawson*, Sarah Dixon-Lyding*, Natalie Fabert*, Alexis Faison*, Daniel Fine, Cecile Foshee, Rosanna Francis, Yuvamathi Gandhi*, Brian Garbarini, Natalie Gildar*, Kairys Grasty*, Emily Hildebrand, Liza Hita*, Lauren Hocker*, Charlene Kim*, Erin Kube*, Tyson Krieger, Carolina Lara-Lerma*, Theron (Mike) Liddell*, Dominica McBride*, Ashley Moseley*, Madison Natarajan*, Vivek Nayini, Madison Natarajan, Alex Oliszewski*, Archana Paladugu, Dominic Primé*, Arvind Ravi, Melissa Rivers, Jessica Rohlfing Pryor*, Shivani Sakri, Arti Sarma*, Rachel Satter*, Sophie Schuyler, Arati Sridharan, Amy Way*, Kerrie-Ann Wilkins*, Brandon Yabko*.

Graduate Student Volunteers

Shelly Erickson, Madison Fenner, Tracey Geiger, Jennifer Glass, Bridgit Granville, Silva Hassert, Brigitte Hogan, Jessica Hopkins, Haley Ivins, Kimberly Marrone, Angela Pirlott, Lisa Rodrigue, Michelle Rogers, Brittany Sawrey, Quinn Spadola, Julia Steinberg, Paula Stice, Maren True, Berea Williams

Arizona State University Technical and Administrative Staff

Tanya Amos, Jeffrey Beeman, Christopher Baca, Lori Bello, Stephan Blass, Jason Bradshaw, Dr. Laura Brewer, Robyne Clark, Chloe Egan, Terry Gillespie, Marca Gurule, Myrna Hanaoka, Gary Hill, Dr. Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Amber Johnson, Amanda Kahler, Dr. Zeynep Kilic, Chang Hyun Kim, Jane Laux, Ronald Page, Jean-Marc Patnoe, Dr. Shelly Potts, Maureen Roen, Cecilia Romero, Bryan Roseberry, Joan Sherwood, Chris Soli, Steve Swain, Elaine Sweet, Marshall Terrill, Lacey Ward, Toni Valenti, Cara Weddington, Kenneth Yanga


Daniel Brasic, Kevin Brown, Dr. Marilyn Cabay, Elliot Chrristensen, Toni Cosmos, Pam Esser,  Dr. Kristine Goto, Pam Hait, Dr. Linda Hirshman, Garth Humbert, Martha Hunter, Mindy Lee, Dr. Sarah-Kay McDonald, Jackie Richard, Kevin Sirios, Holly Shimanski, Ara Shirinian, Dr. Wanda Weber

Coach Development Advisory Board (*Founding Members)

Dr. Niall Bolger (Professor, Columbia University), *Dr. Deirdre Meldrum (Distinguished Professor, Former Dean, College of Engineering, Arizona State University), *Dr. Sally Mason (Professor and President Emerita, University of Iowa), *Dr. Indira Nair (Professor and Vice-Provost Emerita, Carnegie-Mellon University)


Hundreds of doctoral students in Arizona and across the country who participated in content evaluations, the clinical trials, and the evaluation and research studies.


Special thanks to our science and engineering colleagues who shared their HerStories with CareerWISE.

Dr. Mary Anderson-Rowland, Dr. Jean Andino, Dr. Jennifer Barton, Dr. Veronica Burrows, Dr. Erika Camacho, Dr. Aditi Chattopadhyay, Dr. Donna Dean, Dr. Petra Fromme, Dr. Sandra Houston, Dr. Marcia Levitus, Dr. Su Lin, Dr. Cecilia Lunardini, Dr. Sally Mason, Dr. Indira Nair, Dr. Linda Powers, Dr. Sue Rosser, Dr. Jennie Si, Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa, Dr. Lynda Williams. 


Thank you to Jorge Chem (PhD Comics), whose creative artistry and sense of humor add cheer to our pages and whose tweets from our offices reached thousands.  See more of his work at "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham


We extend our sincere appreciation to the National Science Foundation for its support of the CareerWISE projects over the years and our deepest gratitude to Dr. Myles Boylan for all his contributions. Tremendous thanks as well to ASU College of Integrative Sciences and Arts former Dean Duane Roen for his support of the CareerWISE program.